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Basic Flight Physiology

Basic Flight Physiology
Basic Flight Physiology
Basic Flight Physiology
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Product Description:The Third Edition of Basic Flight Physiology has been completely updated and expanded with information on THAT WILL REDUCE PILOT IMPAIRMENT IN FLIGHT. This definitive guide to PHYSIOLOGICAL human factors in the flying environment provides a wealth of preventive measures pilots can take to anticipate and compensate for HUMAN FACTORS that cause 70% of all aviation accidents. Packed with over 100 INFORMATIVE illustrations, this resource contains UNDERSTANDABLE coverage of THE MANY PHYSIOLOGICAL FACTORS THAT AFFECT PILOT PERFORMANCE PLUS crew resource management, in-flight medical emergencies, health maintenance programs, and more. The Third Edition of Basic Flight Physiology features:Methods for dealing with vertigo and DISORIENTATIONCritical information on tolerance to FATIGUETechniques for handling self-imposed and environmental stressesGuidance on the effects of caffeine, alcohol, and OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUGSExplore Every Aspect of Medical Airworthiness: Human Factors Defined Basic Human Anatomy The Atmosphere Situation Awareness Altitude Physiology Hearing and Vibration Vision Orientation Self-Imposed Medical Stress Environmental Stresses Sleep, Jet Lag, and Fatigue Acceleration Crew Resource Management Human Factors of Automation In-Flight Medical Emergencies Health Maintenance Program Medical Standards, Regulation, and CertificationISBN: 978-0-17149-488-5
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